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Be aware of automatic translations!

This is what happens when you want to save a couple of quid and leave the translation up to the automatic translator.

If the original text has a mistake (in this case the "e" was missing, it should have been "code","código in Spanish, and not "cod", "bacalao in Spanish"), only the human translator can detect it and translate it correctly.

This morning I was translating the minutes of a meeting and I came across the sentence: "Recordar solárium que no se responsabiliza de ellos". Google translator gives me this absolutely perfect version: "Remember solarium that is not responsible for it". Clear as mud...

After talking to the person who wrote it, the final Spanish version was "se recuerda a los propietarios que la comunidad no se responsabiliza de cualquier modificación que se lleve a cabo en el suelo o peto de los solárium", so let's go for "owners are reminded that the community is not responsible for any modification carried out on the solarium floor or parapet". That's more like it, isn't it? However, watch out again, because here "peto" is used instead of "parapet", so Google translates it with "bib".

You get the gist, right?

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